Friday, March 27, 2009

in a better world

i'm hanging up my signature argyle socks this game. they're getting kind of holey and don't really complement Fight Crew's snazzy new uniforms. speaking of the bout, if you're planning to attend and haven't bought tix, it will probably sell out online tonight. you have been warned.

Fight Crew is playing the San Diego Swarm, and my team is determined to triumph. it's been way too long since we've won a regular season game and we're fed up. i know i speak for everyone on the crew when i say i'm sick of this close-but-just-out-reach bullshit. we lost our previous game to the Cookies (08 champs) by four lousy points. i'd like to win this game by at least 10 and i know we can do it.

i tried to convince my team to do our skateout routine to the Screamers, which I think would be very L.A. of us (while inducing terror in our opponents), but no one went for it.

i guess i'll just listen to the Screamers on my own before the game and get all bloodthirsty and shit.

tonight, i'm headed to pure luck with georgia where i will eat a burrito as big as my head. we jocks call this carb-loading.

Monday, March 16, 2009

weekend on wheels

my skates hardly left my feet this weekend, but i didn't spend much time playing derby.

friday was the Electrical Circuit PSA shoot. sixteen hours on wheels, occasionally rolling through water. And I still can't get that Electric Six song out of my head. Fire in the disco, Fire in the Taco Bell!

On Saturday, several Dolls represented the LADD at the Human Rights Campaign's Gala Dinner. We opened the show on stage inside a giant rotating clam with emcee Wanda Skyes in the center. Need a visual? Watch the clip from CBS news here.

We skated on-stage at a couple of different points during the show, mingled with the crowd before and after the ceremony, and even met Dianne Feinstein.

you can't see it, but sen. feinstein's hand is resting on the small of my back!

notice that sen. feinstein is a tall broad. we're all on roller skates and she's still holding her own next to us. the senator's husband, who took this photo, lamented that he never learned to roller skate because size 16 skates are somewhat elusive. he also warned us that we would be paying the price for our rough-and-tumble lifestyle when we got to be his age.

but here we are: still young, agile and looking generally glamorous:

we were on skates for about five hours at the HRC dinner, oftentimes rolling on carpet, which is actually a pretty good workout. not to mention all of the stairs we climbed on wheels.

then on sunday, shannon and i hosted a well-attended brunch at our apartment, which went into the early evening. many bloody marys and mimosas were consumed, and i only had a couple of hours to sober up before it was time to strap on my skates yet again: 8 p.m. fight crew practice.

tonight i'm giving my feet a rest, sort of. no skates! but i will be hitting bootcamp at the Y.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

danger! high voltage

as an LADD skater, i've had opportunities to to appear in TV shows, music videos, documentaries, news programming, etc. but i have never been so excited to be cast in something as my latest gig, which is shooting this friday at the Doll Factory. i'm playing an Electron in an EU public service announcement on the Electrical Circuit.

"The main objective of this spot is to increase awareness among the young about science and the EU's support on Research."

Here's another PSA, Chemical Party, which was produced by the same company. It is awesome:

and this is the song we are skating to -- Electric Six's "Danger! High Voltage." The video is all kinds of amazing:

and when i'm not appearing in the background on your TV set, i can be found playing roller derby. in fact, i have a game in a few weeks.