Thursday, February 21, 2008

donating my body to science

who knew that an ankle sprain impedes one's ability to maintain a blog? well, apparently it does, as evidenced by the awkward silence here at the hollywood librarian. please alert the folks at jama. i think further research is in order, and sure, i'll offer my gimpy self as a medical test subject. so, what does this gig pay? we at the hollywood librarian are always on the lookout for a fat paycheck.

in lieu of the other things i've been meaning to blog about, here is a nice pic from our last game:

drew barrymore with mila minute. photo by Doria Anselmo.

yes, drew was in the house, doing field research for her directorial debut, whip it!. the screenplay was written by former LADD siren maggie mayhem (AKA shauna cross), and was adapted from her YA novel, derby girl. how cool is that? i wonder if they're hiring yet.

Friday, February 1, 2008

in the press

i've been getting around.

i recently guest blogged for fancast about the Derby Dolls' appearance on "Rock of Love II." read it here.

mobile content producers, medeo, did a couple of segments on the LADD. i'm interviewed in both. check 'em:

also, our good friend DF at losanjealous attended another LADD bout where he almost met his maker (masquerading in traditional, vertically striped, primary-colored hot dog on a stick garb).