Tuesday, November 20, 2007

thanksgiving prep

neither shannon nor i are returning to our ancestral homelands for thanksgiving this year (new jersey and arizona, respectively). as we'd already broken our mothers' hearts over it, we opted to go balls out, and not leave Ms. Manor* at all on thanksgiving day, figuring if anyone wants to see us badly enough, they know where we live.

it was in this spirit that i circulated the following email to a few friends:

To Our Displaced, Orphaned and Expatriate Comrades (and anyone who is
simply tired of peering over the turkey, year after interminable year, and finding their boredom reflected in the sagging eyes of a grandparent):

Shannon and Meghan Present: A Hollywood Thanksgiving.

We have been watching too much Food Network and our brains have turned to squash. Let us feed them to you!

to my surprise, this email got a better-than-expected response (offering something ambiguous to eat = an affirmative RSVP. who knew? is it squash or is it brains or is it both? perhaps the only reason people are coming is because they want to find out).

what began as a Small Thing, a twinkle behind our spectacles, has snowballed into a Big Thing. our guest list now stands at 14. while i'm concerned about fitting everyone and their mother** comfortably inside our apartment, shannon has gone into martha stewart mode. she spent her weekend making curious things from construction paper: turkeys, chains, placards announcing (in decorative gold penmanship), "seitan," "turkey," "fennel, pomegranate and orange salad," etc.

this is where i left shannon when i went to bed on friday night:

and on saturday morning i woke up to this:

let's hope the food turns out as well as the decorations!

*working title for our apartment, which is long overdue for a proper name. there will be a "name shannon and meghan's apartment" contest on thanksgiving day, and the winner will receive an awesome prize (still TBD). i am currently accepting absentee submissions.

**literally. my friend and fellow derby doll, markie d. sod, is bringing her very own Ma Sod Jenny! i am very excited about this.

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