Tuesday, December 18, 2007

old news

I can’t imagine there’s anyone who reads this thing that isn't already privy to this information, but for the record: The Fight Crew was dethroned on 12/8/07. My congrats to the Sirens, LADD’s 2007 championship team. It was the closet game in LADD history, and arguably the best (we’ve never had the crowd do a wave before, and on 12/8, it happened more than once). It all came down to the last jam, and rather than do a half-assed job rehashing it, you can read Busta Armov’s insanely detailed bout recap here.

On a personal note, I think I had a good game. It was the first I played primarily as a blocker, which is so much less exhausting than jamming. My friend, Ben Lee, told me that I looked like a cannon ball that kept shooting out of the pack to knock out the opposing jammer. In the fourth quarter, I went in a couple of times as a jammer, and managed to score for the Crew when the score had been tied. So that was good. And I wasn’t even too beat-up at the end of the night.

Of course, I’m disappointed that we lost, but you couldn’t ask for a better game. Both teams skated their asses off, the score was close throughout, and more than one skater went flying over the rail (including during the last jam). Someone please explain why roller derby was ever scripted?

We received more glowing press. Those guys at LA City Zine still love us. Lina Lecaro wrote about us in the LA Weekly’s Nightranger column, and our pal DF from Losanjealous came back for seconds.

Speaking of DF, Losanjealous and the L.A. Derby Dolls are officially in bed together. Following a meeting wherein much booze and caffeinated diet beverages were consumed, a contract was drafted on a scrap of spiral notebook paper. I cannot disclose all of the terms, but the gist of it is that DF (health permitting) is now committed to covering LADD’s 2008 season for Losanjealous. In exchange, we are going to let them hang a banner inside the Doll Factory. The Dolls are anxiously awaiting the delivery of said banner. Look for the Losanjealous banner in 08, which I imagine will fly alongside our American flag.

Some photography:

me whipping my BFF, crystal deth, OMG!

paris killton
on the warpath.

i jam therefore i am. judy "crazy arms" gloom.

Fighty goes flying over the rail.

tara armov attempts to snack on mila minute's forearm.

(pics 1, 3 and 4 by 3D sean; pics 2 and 5 by karl walter)

Check out all the bout pics here.

Oh yeah, the Derby Dolls are on hiatus until January 10th. Seeing as we play year-round (with the exception of one other month off during the summer), this respite is very necessary. The next bout is scheduled for January 27th when the Fight Crew face off against the Tough Cookies. We gotta skate to pay the rent.

Speaking of large sums of pain and cash, yesterday I went to the dentist. When I left, my wallet was $1200 lighter. And that’s after insurance. Ouch.

Dear Santa: Alls I want for x-mas is a couple of porcelain crowns in my stocking. Presentation in a fuzzy jewelry box is appreciated.

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Georgia said...

Can't wait for the next bout...my throat was killing me from yelling after the last game, and I was only there for 1 1/2 quarters!