Monday, October 27, 2008

roller derby: the new volleyball?

i wasn't able to attend the halloween-themed baby doll brawl this past weekend due to a previous commitment (which i will write about soon), but the pics are already pouring into LADD's flickr photostream. the photographs of the junior derby skaters are slaying me with their adorableness.

this is one is the spawn of roxy cotton!

all photos by rinkrat.

junior derby leagues are popping up all over the country and i think this bodes well for the future of the sport. if the trend continues, the next generation of derby skaters will take the game to another level. can you imagine if the derby skaters of today had started training in middle school? insane.


Little Kenny said...

It is crazy to think what you all would be skating like if you had started when you were that young. It was certainly fun to watch the little "darlings" skate around the track. Definitely some potential for the future was present.

allison orphan said...

this is too cool/cute!!!