Thursday, June 4, 2009

mysterious today

I haven't been feeling very writerly lately, so this is all you're getting from me this week.

Things that are Awesome:

1. Goths in Hot Weather

Thanks, Kathy.

2. This mural featuring the Silver Lake Walking Man:

Thanks, Pinchy.

3. Leaving for Austin in a few weeks.

4. Adriana's latest comic.

5. Brunch here.

6. A much-needed car wash & wax (I think it had been a year) at the hands of a bespectacled, body-building Jew.

Not so awesome:

1. Slamming my finger in a car door and the impending loss of yet another nail.

2. Finally realizing the major contributing factor to the carpal tunnel syndrome that's been waking me up throughout the night with numb hands and forearms for almost a year: weight-lifting and push-ups.

I will need to modify my entire workout routine, but on the upside, maybe I will get through the night without pumping my fists to combat the numbness.

3. This t-shirt.

4. Waiting for summer. June gloom, beat it!

1 comment:

adriana said...

do you know how lovely you are? i just wanted to let you know :)