Friday, October 23, 2009

bad at this, again

I accepted some freelance work about a month ago that has hindered my blogging productivity. I'm also skating for two travel teams (went to Tucson last weekend and I'm flying to Hawaii on Nov. 7th). Oh, and my team is playing its last game of the season tomorrow night and you should come!

But yeah, I've been kind of busy.

Here's the press release I wrote this morning (distributed internally to members of the Beer Committee):

Witness the epic Battle of the Brewsers! Fight Crew's BEO, L├Ągeraison, & Beerbrarian face off against the Sirens' Brewologist. It's our last game of the season and the Brewologist's LAST BOUT EVER. The Beer Committee's very own Pilsnerd will greet you at the door with a self-adhesive wristband. The neon hue of said wristband connotes VIP or general admission.

Post game festivities will feature BEER.

I can't decide if it's to Fight Crew's advantage or detriment that our roster is so BC-heavy.

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