Monday, November 16, 2009

Hooray for Haolewoods

Photo by Jason Ziemlak.

The ladies of Hawaii Pacific Roller Derby were gracious winners and unparalleled hostesess. Photo by Jason Ziemlak.

Our beach in Waimanalo. A few of us had a beautiful house to ourselves courtesy of one of the skaters.

Morning calisthenics on the beach.

Hanauma Bay. We snorkeled here. Did you know they make optical snorkel masks for the bespectacled? Now you do!

Winning wasn't the point. Hawaii was the point. And every time my ass hit the concrete, I looked up and saw the most amazing mountain, Diamond Head, which loomed large and lush over the outdoor roller hockey court. LADD has it good for sure -- a banked track, our own space, an incredible production crew -- but I was completely thrilled to have my ass handed to me in front of such a spectacular backdrop.

More photos here.

How about a video too? OK.

Roller Girl Down & Derby: HPRD Hulagans vs. L.A. Derby Dolls from Mike Orbito on Vimeo.

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Little Kenny said...

Glad you had such an awesome time in just about my favorite place on earth. At least of all the places I've been to. :)