Thursday, September 6, 2007

breaking technology news

i am the proud owner of two imposing, noisy, deadly serious computers. both are dual opterons, raids with a shit-ton of disk space. they are relics from a previous job, and up until recently, both have served me well.

about a month ago, however, both started acting funny, and my Computer Guys speculated that it might be an electrical problem in my apartment. my babies require lots of juice. so, while my Computer Guys try and get to the bottom of things, my dear friend kathy was kind enough to lend me her laptop.

hey guys, i have an announcement: laptops rule!

when i wake up in the morning, i don't even need to get out of bed. i can just reach down, grab the ol' laptop and get to business. a revolution in my bedroom!

another groundbreaking development is my discovery of multitasking. my roommate is fond of camping in front of the television with an ibook in her lap - a habit i have long regarded with suspicion. not anymore. i now realize that tv and laptop is a dynamic duo in the same league as peanut butter and jelly. my total daily procrastination (tdp) has been cut in half now that i've learned to double up on time wasting. this is efficiency is action.

my loaner laptop keeps me informed. she will hang out in the kitchen and broadcast "all things considered" while i wash dishes. i've tried this with a radio in the past, but i can never get decent reception.

also, have you guys heard of this thing called "wireless internet"? i don't have it, but someone nearby must because i'm always online, yet not encumbered by an irritating ethernet chord.

my ex, ed, is really fond of using his laptop on the toilet. that doesn't sound terribly hygienic to me, but it's nice to know the option exists in a pinch.

ok, i know i don't have a job right now, but i really want to get one of these laptop things. are they expensive? they're the best! all you guys out there should think about getting one too. it will change your life!

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