Wednesday, June 4, 2008

library dispatch

i'm sitting at the reference desk right now, and i just noticed that the librarian working alongside me has a cigarette tucked behind her ear. at first glance, i mistook it for a dirty white pen.

should i say something? is it intentional? she's on the desk for the next 2.5 hours. it's not like she's waiting for a smoke break.

i keep staring at that cigarette. it looks so unhygienic brushing up against her hair. isn't this a violation of some health code or another? mechanics put their cigarettes behind their ears, which makes sense because they work in garages, which is pretty much like working outside. librarians work in libraries where there is never any smoking. did i mention that i work in a community college library? what message does a librarian with a cigarette behind her ear send to our impressionable student body?

can't. stop. staring. i am too hungover for this shit.

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