Friday, June 27, 2008

triumphant return?

i'm skating this weekend with a tournament team called the L.A. Golden Girls. my uniform t-shirt has an image of Bea Arthur on the front and the slogan "Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend was Hot Like Bea! [sic]" oh wait, here's a jpeg:

you can see why i haven't been heavily promoting this event here at the Hollywood Librarian. i will also be wearing these:

in addition to my silly getup, there will be some serious skating going on. the tournament schedule and ticket info is on the LADD web site.

this will be your last chance to get some derby action until september. after this weekend, the L.A. Derby Dolls are taking a much-needed vacation. sort of. there's still the mayor's day of service and junior derby camp happening in july. yep, vacation, derby style.


Tara Armov said...

The Golden Girl uniforms are of the type where you'll have won even before you've stepped on the track.

Based on what I heard from Monday's practice scrimmage, the Golden Girls will kick some serious booty.

As it should be!

And so this should indeed be a Triumphant Return for your jamming skills! Can't wait!

Sean said...

It was great to finally see you skate on Saturday! And not only did you skate, but you kicked ass! Every time you fell, I was hoping you wouldn't be limping (what's limping on skates called?) when you got back up. You were awesome!

And you rocked those hot pants too! Derby rules, I wish I could just buy season tickets.

And, on a side note, I was sitting near your mother, and you came by and got something from her after one of the games. (I didn't know that was her, of course, until you came to the railing and started calling "Mom") That's awesome that your mom was there for you getting back out there!

Thanks for being part of a fun day, can't wait to see you skating again in September. I'll have my Fight Crew shirt on! One of these days I want to get you and Crystal to sign it. :) I'm gonna feel like such a fanboy - "hey, will you sign my shirt?". But, I guess if I'm gonna be a fanboy about anything, why not gorgeous girls who absolutely kick ass!

Judy Gloom said...

hey sean, thanks for the kind words! mama gloom was actually hanging onto my PBJ sandwich (jammer food), and there's a funny story that goes with that. if i have time in the coming days, i'll post about it.