Monday, August 18, 2008

triangle choke

just like everyone else i know, i've caught a bad case of Olympics fever. last night i was completely smitten with shelly-ann fraser and her performance in the women's 100-meter. she started victoriously pumping her fist in the air before she even reached the finish line. for an agonizing moment afterward, i thought she'd collapsed from exhaustion, but no. turns out that she merely felt like rolling around on the track with her beloved jamaican flag, smiling like the cheshire cat if the cheshire cat had a mouth full of metal.

and what about the legs on these broads?

holy shit. sometimes i worry that roller derby has morphed my gams into the stuff of an r. crumb cartoon, but next to these runners, i'm skating around on a couple of toothpicks.

clearly, god planned the Olympics with "inspiring judy gloom" in mind because LADD hiatus offically ends today. not like i've been honoring any such hiatus: i've been skating, working with a trainer, and tearing shit up at the Y in preparation for my first post-injury game with the crew on Sept. 13th. LADD's amazing AV guys even made a promotional trailer for the bout, and somehow recruited christian bale to do the voiceover.



Little Kenny said...

I said goddamn, goddamn!

I. Can't. Wait.


Judy Gloom said...

jihad will be back too. her first game in a year!