Thursday, August 28, 2008

olympics, come back!

another bespectacled athlete. this one is gold medalist high jumper Tia Hellebaut of Belgium.

remember my last blog update wherein i wrote that i was going out of town this weekend? i am now feeling wishy-washy on that front. suddenly staying in LA and pumping iron and maybe finally hitting the beach sounds more appealing. and i am going to baja in few weeks. please advise.


Georgia said...

Should you decide to stay in lovely Los Angeles, I will gladly be your bitch and accompany you to both the beach and/or the FYF, as well as to Bar 107 on Saturday afternoon, where we've been promised to be plowed with adult beverages.

Also, fuck San Francisco

kmirescu said...

I want in on the beach trip too! El Matador!!