Friday, September 12, 2008


things have been slow the past couple of weeks here at the Hollywood Librarian mainly because the real-life Hollywood Librarian has been insanely busy. some highlights and low points: i started a new p/t job (highlight); had a brush with the fuzz (extreme low point...we're talking death valley); finally made it to the beach and swam in the ocean (el matador to be specific, and this was a highlight); went to vegas (not sure if this qualifies as a highlight or low point); and, finally, was attacked by bees (highlight because i escaped unstung). my car has also been towed twice in past two weeks (neither time for an accumulation of parking tickets, thanks).

just a reminder that i'm skating on saturday. it should be a very interesting game. fight crew is finally back with a rotation of solid jammers after so many injuries in the first part of 08. unfortunately, our blockers haven't fared so well: both tawdry tempest (co-captain) and kubo will be out with injuries. and broadzilla, arguably the crew's most formidable blocker, has a family wedding obligation this weekend. we'll be skating with three subs.

while i'm very much looking forward to the game, i might be more excited about saturday morning brunch. i'm a health nut with a suppressed sweet tooth, and i'm planning to indulge on saturday. game day = pancake day.

it's been two years since i've had pancakes! bring on the maple syrup. jammer fuel!

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