Wednesday, December 3, 2008

something else happened last week

excerpt from a phone conversation with my mother:

"i can't believe you're 30. i'm so old."

"mom, i'm the one who just turned 30 for fuck's sake. you're not helping."

"this isn't about you. this is about me"


"i can't believe i'm old enough to have a daughter who is 30."

ad infinitum.

yes dear readers, much to my mother's dismay, i turned 30 last week. i didn't want to make a big fuss and i didn't want to get shitfaced* so i went out for mexican food with a few friends. this was followed by cake, cupcakes, gifts and an impromptu keyboard jam session at kathy's condo. kathy & georgia collaborated on the most amazing birthday cake ever:

pancake cake! my friends are the best. thanks for making 30 feel pretty OK.

*according to blogger's spellcheck, "shitfaced" is a real word. "blogger," however, is not.


jillmaren said...

OMG, it must have been 10 years ago...but do you remember the Simon cake Jenny and I made you? (I think it was for you..?). I feel OLD.

Judy Gloom said...

holy shit! of course i remember the simon cake. i have pictures to prove it. and now that you mention it, the simon cake could probably give the pancake cake a run for its money. i feel fortunate that i have such thoughtful and inventive friends.

wow. you're right -- i think that cake was devoured on my 20th birthday. i am horrified. as you may know, rick lives in LA now, and when we are out together, he is very fond of telling people, upon introduction, that we've been friends for 10 years. it seems impossible to me even though the math is right.

i hope you are well!