Thursday, January 22, 2009

skating in my sleep

i don't know what to say about the nearly two months it's been since i've last updated except that i made a new year's resolution to start eating eggs. i've spent a lifetime turning up my nose at that stinky yellow business so often served with toast, but true to my resolve, i have been eating my eggs and learning to like them.

i've also developed a pretty mean case of insomnia, which started back in november and doesn't seem to be improving. if i don't take some kind of drug, i won't fall asleep at night. since i really hate the idea of being dependent on a pill for anything, i do a lot of hoping and praying for sleep, and these prayers largely go unanswered, which shouldn't surprise me at this age. i have an appointment tomorrow with both a sleep specialist and a hypnotist. maybe one of them can work some magic on me.

i have a game this weekend. if you live in LA, you should come watch me jam, zombie-style.

oh yeah, i'm on twitter now too.

last night i stopped by georgia's new and adorable apartment. she was baking in her adorable housedress.

"do you want to take a cupcake with you?" she asked as i was leaving.

"what?" i was visibly appalled. "are you fucking crazy?"

while i'm sure georgia's cupcakes are perfectly delicious, it was as if she had offered me a frosted cat turd in a decorative paper cup.

other things have happened since i stopped sleeping and started eating eggs. barack obama became our 44th president, which gives me hope for saturday's game against the tough cookies. i was tickled by this quote from ice slice, an interview subject on the inauguration episode of this american life:

"i voted for obama because i feel like i'd be hating on him if i didn't. same reason why i buy DVDs from the cat at the gas station."

i love it that president obama hasn't been able to quit smoking. it's humanizing (though for the record, i'm a militant anti-smoker who has never put a cigarette to my lips in my life). i picture president obama in the rose garden, a pack of cigarettes hidden in a bush, sneaking the occasional puff between pentagon briefings and meetings with Ahmadinejad, sans preconditions.