Thursday, March 12, 2009

danger! high voltage

as an LADD skater, i've had opportunities to to appear in TV shows, music videos, documentaries, news programming, etc. but i have never been so excited to be cast in something as my latest gig, which is shooting this friday at the Doll Factory. i'm playing an Electron in an EU public service announcement on the Electrical Circuit.

"The main objective of this spot is to increase awareness among the young about science and the EU's support on Research."

Here's another PSA, Chemical Party, which was produced by the same company. It is awesome:

and this is the song we are skating to -- Electric Six's "Danger! High Voltage." The video is all kinds of amazing:

and when i'm not appearing in the background on your TV set, i can be found playing roller derby. in fact, i have a game in a few weeks.

1 comment:

Tim Eschaton said...

Did they cast you as an electron because you're negative?

If you get pushed into the infield, is that a reduction in quantum skate?

Like their rest mass and elementary charge, does the intrinsic angular momentum (or spin) of your wheels have a constant value?

Oh wait, that last one wasn't funny.