Friday, March 27, 2009

in a better world

i'm hanging up my signature argyle socks this game. they're getting kind of holey and don't really complement Fight Crew's snazzy new uniforms. speaking of the bout, if you're planning to attend and haven't bought tix, it will probably sell out online tonight. you have been warned.

Fight Crew is playing the San Diego Swarm, and my team is determined to triumph. it's been way too long since we've won a regular season game and we're fed up. i know i speak for everyone on the crew when i say i'm sick of this close-but-just-out-reach bullshit. we lost our previous game to the Cookies (08 champs) by four lousy points. i'd like to win this game by at least 10 and i know we can do it.

i tried to convince my team to do our skateout routine to the Screamers, which I think would be very L.A. of us (while inducing terror in our opponents), but no one went for it.

i guess i'll just listen to the Screamers on my own before the game and get all bloodthirsty and shit.

tonight, i'm headed to pure luck with georgia where i will eat a burrito as big as my head. we jocks call this carb-loading.


mackdadd said...

I can't even tell you how psyched I am to see Fight Crew win! And FC merchandise!! I'll be there at the crack of 6 to get my koozie, which will never be tarnished with some sloppy, condensation-covered can of beer! It will be enshrined on top of my computer at work, next to the skull and arm already there.
Good luck! To you and the whole team! And the new uniforms look awesome!


Georgia said...

I'm going to scream myself hoarse tomorrow night. So excited!
Tonight, though, I'm gonna eat myself silly in the name of carb loading (even though I don't exercise...but I joined the Y today!!!).

Anonymous said...

Sorry you guys lost-- you played great, though.

Judy Gloom said...

sean - thanks so much for your support and that amazing sign. you are great. i really wish we could've pulled out the win. argghhh...well, i guess we have until june to get our shit together.

sean said...

hahahaha, that wasn't me!! (logical guess, though, I actually read it and wondered if you'd think it was me!) I have no clue why stupid google blogger lets me log in sometimes and not other times.

I didn't know what to write after the match. You looked pretty upset afterwards. I always run down to trackside to slap hands with everyone, and for FC's first two laps, you weren't there. Then you came skating out to go around, looking pretty bummed and very reluctant. I know how bad you wanted to win. Like Anonymous said, I am sorry you ladies lost, and you DID play great! It's weird... I think I become MORE devoted to FC with each loss! Damn, it was SO CLOSE, too!

And I didn't know if you saw the sign or not. :) Glad you did!

My koozie is right where it's supposed to be, proudly. I wonder if it's me making you guys lose? A bad luck fan. I hope not, cuz there's not much I can do about which team I took a liking to first.

I used to always bug my friend who loves football about the way he talks about the team he loves. "His" team, "We're" going to the SuperBowl, "We" lost this weekend... things like that. I'd remind him there's no "we" about it, he's not on the team, and has nothing to do with professional football. And now at derby matches, I'm like, "We are so kicking Swarm's ass tonight!". I'm such a hypocrite. :)