Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beer Committee Report: Zeno Supper Club

On Tuesday night, the Beer Committee held court at the Zeno Supper Club, an event described on their web site as:

"a social experiment to see what happens when you bring interesting people together with food, drink, and a creative environment. Through webisodes that are based on cooking lessons with 'Top Chef' Lee Anne Wong, the Zeno Supper Club will explore broader themes like environmental activism, buying local, living in a sustainable community and alternative transportation."

The BC's very own Beermonger (and only non-Derby Doll Committee member) is a Zeno chef and resident Beer Expert.

Other Brewsers in attendance: BEO, BE-Co, B-EMT, Beerbrarian (moi), Pilsnerd, & Brewologist.

Appropriately, Zeno's theme for the evening was Action Sports and the event was sponsored by Stone Brewing Co. It was as if the night had been custom tailored for the BC's athletic, albeit beer paunch-burdened, bod.

In the spirit of the Supper Club's commitment to alternative transportation, and given the athletic-themed evening, and knowing that we would be doing some serious brew-chugging and face-stuffing, the B-EMT and me opted to ride our bikes from Hollywood to Venice. We arrived on the scene sweaty, frizzy-haired and a little winded from the trek -- though, IMO, the most convincingly athletic-looking of the dinner guests. We were also very hungry and thirsty.

Yes, the food was good, the brews were tight, and the Committee even scored a tour of Stone Brewery (date TBD), whose CEO was in attendance and is the newest L.A. Derby Dolls fan.

Lessons learned: Do not drink good beer from a plastic mug (even a 2006 hot pink LADD Championship mug -- it will taste funny). Also, the ride back from Venice, uphill, is slightly more strenuous when you're toting several bottles of Arrogant Bastard in your messenger bag.


JDiggity said...

Who would have thought Ji was working with the Beer-et Cong?

adriana said...

Whenever I get the notion to leave LA, I think of Angeleno perks like this one. I love this city and I love my friends. Salut!

Little Kenny said...

Arrogant Bastard. MMMMMMMM. The very first Stone beer I ever tried. Still one of my very favorites. Although I do prefer the Oaked variety a bit more.

Sounds like fun. Definitely envious. :)

shannon said...

are you aware of the filth that is on that hoodie? lots of nose wiping happens on those sleeves.

Judy Gloom said...

i was not aware of the filth on your hoodie, but i wore it out of desperation. i bet you mine was filthier.