Thursday, September 3, 2009

I don't want to talk about it

Photo by Stalkerazzi.

Sad Gloom in the penalty box. Photo by Charlie Chu.

So, we lost the game by 10 points. What else is new? Console yourself with this radical bout intro:

Thanks Dr. Detroit and Awesome Sean!

In other news, there is a tiny 53-year-old librarian playing roller derby in Ohio. Totally commendable, though my gut reaction to the article was "Dear God, let me be done playing roller derby at 53. " Which may not be the case if my team doesn't pull out a victory in the next 23 years.

Inspired by the CNN story, this blogger, Fresh Meat Daisy, compiled a rundown of known Derbrarians worldwide.

And finally, I'm on a roll with the ice-cream-eating. Tuesday night, the beer committee biked it to Golden State, where I downed a beer float: Old Rasputin paired with a scoop of Scoops' peanut butter coffee ice cream. In an attempt to negate this indulgence, I accompanied my beer float with a tuna salad.

Who am I kidding?


JDiggity said...

I like this one!

Eric said...

That article about the 53 year old Ohio librarian roller derby player is how I came across your blog earlier this week :)

Sorry about the loss :(

FM Daisy said...

Thanks for the link! Dreaming of Derby Librarians vs Precision book cart team at ALA someday!!

Judy Gloom said...

Daisy: now that's an event that would finally motivate me to attend ALA!