Wednesday, January 30, 2008

down & derby

i suck at bout recaps, but here's a quickie rundown of saturday's game:
  • the Tough Cookies prevailed, but the Fight Crew went down swinging. From the get-go, it wasn't looking good for my team. We'd known for a while that Vulvarine and S'macdown wouldn't be playing in the game. Then I went and sprained my ankle a few days before the bout. Our superstar blocker, the formidable Broadzilla, called in sick on game day. Leia Mout went out in the first quarter after aggravating a knee injury. Same deal with Crystal Deth who was out by half-time. Trixie Biscuit departed in the third quarter due to a family emergency. The final score was 35-28, which is really a dignified loss, all things considered.
  • we sold out our first game in the Doll Factory! around 1700 people braved the rain in the name of derby last saturday night.
  • You can check out L.A.D.D.'s game photos here.
semi-related, please check out this awe-inspiring derby art by Cory Oberndorfer. the show is called "novelty," and it's currently on display the Katzen Arts Center in Washington, DC. a few pics:

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