Friday, January 4, 2008

TV Talk

I received word yesterday that Alexis Arquette will be singing the national anthem at the Jan. 26th Fight Crew v. Tough Cookies bout! Both Alexis and her sister Patricia are big L.A. Derby Dolls' fans, and made regular appearances at the Dollhouse during our 2006 season. Rumor has it that Patricia once confided to Crystal Deth her burning desire to strap on some skates and start playing derby with us. Sadly, the powers-that-be at NBC keep her on a short leash. Roller derby doesn't fly with those crotchety TV execs or the folks that insure Patricia's grill.

Somewhat related: I don't watch much television, but I'm not one of those "Kill Your TV" people either. I just don't have the time to spare, and it's unfortunate because without regular doses of TV, I feel removed from popular culture, and consequently, alientated from my acquaintances and loved ones. It bums me out when friends make references to some reality show scandal, and I have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. So one of my new year's resolutions is to watch more television. Full disclosure: I often turn on the TV while I eat (I prefer not to dine alone), but the channel is usually already set to the Food Network, and I'm kind of lazy about hunting for something else to watch. So, it would probably help if I acquired a DVR, but in addition to being lazy, I am cheap. This is beginning to sound like another failed resolution only four days into 2008.

One TV show I did watch regularly in 2007 (thank you, VH-1, for your endless reruns) was "Rock of Love" (given my limited television intake, I am forced to be very discriminating with my program choices, obviously). I am proud to report that the Derby Dolls will be featured in the upcoming "Rock of Love 2." For your amusement, I present the season 2 trailer below, wherein you'll catch a few glimpses of derby action. There's also a snippet where last season's vegetarian jezebel, Lacey, appears wearing a Derby Dolls t-shirt, which, I confess, turned my stomach a bit. Kind of like when your mom made you invite the lamest girl in school to your slumber party, and then she showed up in class a week later wearing your favorite t-shirt. Sneaky bitch.

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