Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the things we did and didn't do

riding my bike down hollywood blvd yesterday, i read the marquee for the henry fonda theater. i do this every time i ride past, which is pretty much every day. the latest addition: the magnetic fields, march 2nd & 3rd. it was the first i'd heard of mf coming to town, and of course i was super excited. one of my favorite bands, and one that tours so rarely, playing down the street from my apartment. i was already planning the JGHQ pre-party in my head as i rode my bike up gower toward ms. manor.

i've only seen the magnetic fields play once, back in 2000, in san francisco during noise pop (i hear they're playing again this year). i made the trip from phoenix specifically to see mf, and even though i became horrifically ill the day of the show, i could not be deterred from attending. i dragged my congested ass to bimbo's 365, and tossed back screwdriver after screwdriver, hoping the vitamin C would keep the sickness at bay. it didn't work. it was great show, but the experience would've been more enjoyable had my body not been racked by chills.

mf has played LA once (to my knowledge) since i've become a resident, and the date happened to conflict with a vacation for which i had already purchased plane tickets. so, no dice. i've seen both the future bible heroes and the gothic archies (the latter supporting daniel handler - aka lemony snickett - and the release of the final installment of a series of unfortunate events. i think i was the oldest person in the audience who hadn't brought a child). but still - neither is the same as seeing mf proper, and it's been nearly eight years.

this is why, upon arriving home, i tossed my bike to the floor and made a beeline for the computer, credit card in hand, fully prepared to let ticketmaster have its way with me. and what do you know? both shows are sold out! the injustice. i'll be riding my bike past the fonda, reading that marquee, for the next month and a half. world, can you be more cruel?

i've already checked ebay and craigslist, and the going rate seems to be $150/pair. i think there's a good chance that prices will come down as the date approaches, but this whole business is making me nervous. so, if anyone reading this has an extra ticket to see the magnetic fields either night, you just might have yourself a date. extra bonus: you can have my parking space.

in happier news, jordan crane, a local artist i happen to like quite a bit, did the poster art for the upcoming L.A. Derby Dolls bout. check it:

you can buy your tickets here, and yes, i am skating.


Ben Goetting said...

75 bucks a ticket isn't really that bad.. considering they were probably 45 bucks a ticket through ticketmaster with all the charges anyway.

Any Three Things said...
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Georgia said...

Shit! Now you know about my new super-secret blog! More details to come.
What I meant was:
Alie Ward = Press Pass?
Worth a shot. The lady's fridge is always bare, so I bet she could be bribed with one of your yummy casseroles? I'll be expecting one too, for the tip.