Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fly Me to Texas!

One random game night a few months back, I was standing alongside Paris Kilton in the darkest recesses of the Doll Factory, waiting to use the skater loo. Fight Crew had the night off, but Kilton was suited up in her bad-cop Siren uniform. She examined herself in the mirror and turned to me.

"I don't know how I feel about my boutfit tonight."

I had never heard this term before, but decided it was brilliant, and immediately incorporated it into my derby lexicon (and for the record, Kilton looked killer in her boutfit that night). Apparently, Boutfit has finally reached the masses via Urban Dictionary. It's nice to see that someone who wasn't me took this initiative.

In other derby news, the all-star Ri-Ettes (myself included as an alternate) are headed to Austin, TX in June for the 2009 Battle on the Bank. The only problem is that it's kind of pricey to fly 16 skaters to Texas and put them up in the sort of roach motel reserved for traveling Derby girls, so the Dolls are asking for help.

Check out our fundraising site. You can even buy a Ri-Ette a boutfit!

And how about this great fundraising plug from American NonFiction?

"The woman of the Roller Derby are the new face of the subversive culture in a way ANF could never be. Like Football for America, the Roller Derby is our game, the face of the common man, as boxers once came from the docks, our roller girls come from a childhood of slanted equality. They are not highly paid prima donnas sat atop a cash tidal wave but a ground swell of 3 cord grass roots. No other roller derby organization better defines the elements of grass roots and the ethos of D.I.Y., than the L.A. Derby Dolls."

Hell yeah! Thanks, SuperMegaFanBoy.

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Wesley A Bridle said...

Hello Ms. Gloom,

You're more than welcome, and a big thank you, right back at you for the plug. Now let's be sure to bring back the bout as my money is always on Derby Dolls.